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Capital Data Recovery Inc.

306-1827 Woodward Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2C 0P9 CA
Phone: (613) 225-7870
Toll Free Phone: 1(888) 307-3676
Fax: (613) 225-8661
Mailing Address:
306-1827 Woodward Dr.
Ottawa, ON K2C 0P9 CA
Legal Name: Capital Data Recovery Inc.
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Capital Data Recovery Inc. has been a recognized leader in the hard drive recovery field. Our industry leading knowledge of hard drive architecture and electronic components has established our firm as one of North America's leading data recovery companies. Our headquarters and laboratory are located in Ottawa with receiving depots in the Toronto, Montreal and New Jersey areas. We offer custom recovery and repair applications used by government organizations and universities throughout North America. Our services are trusted by the United States and Canadian governments, reputable universities throughout North America, hard disk drive manufacturers, major data recovery corporations, computer stores and small organizations. We are constantly investing in new data recovery technologies to ensure we provide our customers state-of-the-art solutions. We receive hard drives from the USA, Canada, Europe and other parts of the globe. We have successfully recovered hard drives declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies and in the process saved our customers billions of dollars worth of data. We are committed to providing fast, efficient and affordable services to our clients. Capital Data Recovery Inc. practices strict confidentiality procedures with its customers' information. Any confidential information disclosed by the customer shall remain the sole property of the customer. Additionally, Capital Data Recovery Inc. guarantees a no disclosure policy to third parties.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Wiping Or Data Destruction
We use Department of Defense (DoD) approved equipment that wipes the entire media surface, using the most secure algorithms and in accordance with DoD standards that require seven wiping passes to ensure data can never be recovered.

Digital Media
Digital Media Recovery of any memory cards.