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Claros Research Corporation

Suite 1000, 808 - 4th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 3E8 CA
Phone: (403) 265-8700
Toll Free Phone: (888) 265-8700
Fax: (403) 265-8701
Mailing Address:
Suite 1000, 808 - 4th Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 3E8 CA
Legal Name: Claros Research Corporation
Year Established: 1996
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Marketing Research & Public Opinion Polling
Defense Services

In addition to their formal training and experience, some staff members have completed additional training through Statistics Canada through the following courses: 1. Survey Methods and Questionnaire Design; and 2. Processing and Interpreting Survey Results.

Research Services

Focus Groups
We can moderate focus groups to gather information on issues. The focus groups may not be representative of the whole but it is an effective method to identify and/or explore issues in depth.

Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is used to determine how staff members in the organization service clients. Equipped with questionnaire and research objectives, Insight Research & Consulting associates are given the task to pose as a client, and evaluate services received, either in person, or by telephone.

Research & Questionnaire Design
We can help you design a research plan that fits your object- ives and data needs. Once the plan has been established, our questionnaire design experts will work with you to design a questionnaire that fulfils your data needs.

Advanced Statistical Analysis
Our statistician can perform advanced statistical analysis on your in-house data, or data collected by us on your behalf.

Quaterly Newsletter
We invite you to subscribe to our quarterly English newsletter for articles and tips related to marketing research.

Interactive Sample Size And Error Rate Calculators
Use our interactive calculators to determine how big your sample size should be of any given population, or determine what your resulting error rate is if you have already fielded your surveys to your sample.

Satisfaction Surveys
We can assist you in determining the level of satisfaction with your products and services by surveying clients, visitors, members, etc.

Demographic Profiles
Demographic profiles can be determined for specific geographic locations, and/or databases. Profiles can contain over 600 characteristics including age, sex, marital status, ethnic origin, highest level of schooling, and income, among others. Your own client database can be very powerful in determining their demographic profile. Using postal codes and other variables, it is possible to determine the demographic composition of clients, and to locate new potential clients by finding where they might live based on similar demographic characteristics.

Telephone Interviews
Telephone interviewing can be a valuable tool to reach specific individuals, or the public at large. It is an effective method to reach people in a short time-frame, and to facilitate additional probing by the interviewer. Our newly expanded telephone interviewing facility offers computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) to provide you with state-of-the-art services.