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Fog Security Systems Inc.

720 Forbes Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R2N 4B2 CA
Phone: (204) 253-0388
Toll Free Phone: (800) 665-5082
Fax: (204) 257-2183
Mailing Address:
720 Forbes Rd.
Winnipeg, MB R2N 4B2 CA
Legal Name: Fog Security Systems Inc.
Year Established: 1983
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Even with increasingly sophisticated technology; effective theft prevention is becoming more and more elusive. A good security system should deter a thief, slow him down if he gains access and make it impossible to reach or see-his/her target. Erecting obstacles obviously encourages the criminal to look for opportunities elsewhere, but a well-equipped determined party will have little trouble with perimeter protection and will scoff at being recorded on videotape. 'Target hardening' techniques such as the installation of window bars, shatter proof sheets, premium locks, etc, have their place but often only impose a two-minute entry delay on accomplished thieves. Once this first layer of protection is breached the race against time has started; a race thieves typically win. A good alarm should alert response personnel instantly. But even under the best of circumstances it takes police or guards several minutes to get to the scene. Most smash-and-grab artists do their job in less time. Two or three individuals, whether they previously cased the building or not, will help themselves to a surprising number of items in just seconds. Post-alarm delaying tactics reduce theft exposure, but those solutions are of a passive nature and often not sufficient. Then there is an active complement: The Fog Security System. Police authorities have dubbed Fog Security Systems, the 'Non-Lethal Weapon.' Fog does not react to violence. The intrusion alarm triggers the Fog Security System that instantly produces an extremely large volume of Fog at high velocity with an accompanying 'whooshing' sound. The Fog does not only obscure the target from the invader, but disorients as well. Most intruders run at the first sight of Fog so individuals who bypass the first line of defense will have no other thoughts than negotiating a way out and avoiding the Fog that is rapidly enclosing them. In Customers' premises which have Fog Security Systems installed and who have suffered subsequent attack, intruders have in almost all cases been turned back at point of entry, and even when the premises have been entered, the intended action has been prevented under a protective blanket of dense, white, non- toxic, non-contaminating Fog. Where there have been 'operational' activation's of our Fog Security System thieves were denied access to the protected premises. Loss was Prevented! Fog Security Systems operate on simple and consistent principles. The Fog is created by introducing a fluid solution into a heater block under pressure. The solution vaporizes as it passes through the heater block. When the vapour is re- introduced into the atmosphere it cools and condenses, forming Fog particles that are suspended in the air. The Fog does not have any harmful after effect. It does not soil anything and it does not interfere with any precision equipment such as computers. Once the area has been vented, no sign of the Fog remains. Every Fog Security System is uniquely engineered to offer economic and effective protection in accordance with circumstances and needs. The focus is the deterrent of and protection of the prime targets of an intruder. The installation of a Fog Security System is typically hard- wired into a dedicated power circuit and perpetually kept at operating temperatures to be ready to 'fire' instantly upon being triggered by an intrusion or panic alarm signal. The Fog does trigger smoke detectors, so central monitoring stations and fire-halls are made aware in order for them to adjust their response accordingly. We maintain regular liaison with the Police and Fire Authorities. As part of our normal service we undertake to advise the authorities of any Fog Security System installations prior to their commissioning. In general the Police see the use of Fog Security Systems as a positive move against intrusive criminals. The first Fog Security System was installed into precious metal vaults in 1975. These systems have been in use ever since and our quality Canadian made product is backed by more than 2O years of practical manufacturing and successful installation experience. For further details see:

Fog Security System

Tactical Fog System
Tactical Fog System for Riot Control, Anti-Hijacking, House Entry, Law Enforcement and Military applications.