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North American Bio-Fuels Inc.

7-73 Bruce St
London, ON N6C 1G7 CA
Phone: (519) 268-0343
Mailing Address:
7-73 Bruce St
London, ON N6C 1G7 CA
Legal Name: North American Bio-Fuels Inc.
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Environmental Consulting Services
Remediation & Other Waste Management Services

ESGI, is a resource recovery engineering company, established to convert various waste streams into energy. This could be as unsophisticated as using waste deep-fryer cooking oil in a modified diesel powered electric generator to produce and sell this now green-power to companies wishing to reduce their greenhouse gases load. Other projects could be to harvest invassive weeds that threaten eco-sensitive wetlands, turning a potential liability into a value-added biomass feedstock for commercial composting, or as biomass for gasification. High temperature electric arc plasma technology designed for the ultimate eradication challanges, from toxic waste, to metal recovery from slag dumps. Wetland restoration using cascading, staged artifical marshs combining varous native plant species, earth magentic energy, with the sun's own UV energy to restore polluted tailing ponds, sewage ponds and landfill leachate.