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The Bin Doctor Ltd

39 Gurholt Dr.
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J8 CA
Phone: (902) 462-7468
Fax: (902) 462-8220
Mailing Address:
39 Gurholt Dr.
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1J8 CA
Legal Name: The Bin Doctor Ltd
Year Established: 1999
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Remediation & Other Waste Management Services

How The Bin Doctor Ltd. Started Theres an old saying, where theres muck theres brass and its definitely true. We are here to prove it! Most of our local municipalities are battling with increased problems associated with the disposal of the mountain of waste produced by their constituencies. This has led to the introduction of composting using the green organic compost bins. While the bins are effective in the storing and disposal of the waste, a new problem has arisen for the users. With repeated use, the carts get dirty, collect residue and emit offensive smells. This problem has provided a great market and opportunity, hence the Bin Doctor has taken full advantage of the substantial opportunities made available. Research and Development The Bin Doctor believes that the Health and Welfare of the environment is very important and that we should play a definite role in protecting both. With this in mind, we have developed a cleaning and deodorizing service around our own uniquely mobile cleaning units to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for our customers . Considerable research has gone into the equipment, making it very user friendly by requiring the minimum of handling and at the same time, providing the customer with a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly service that works! Our mobile cleaning units include a customized water tank, holding tank, power sprayer, filter system and vacuum. Our units are designed to clean and deodorize a bin in minutes.

Compostable Bin Liners

Green Bin Degreaser
Enviromentally friendly degreaser with pure orange oil cuts through stobborn gease and grime leaving your green compost bin clean and smelling fresh.
Green Bin Cleaning
Specializing in cleaning and deorderizing residential curbside green compost bins.